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Welcome to Tarrica Wine Cellars
Tarrica Wine Cellars is a small, family owned winery started in 2000 in the Paso Robles Wine Country. The focus of our winery is to produce value priced wines that are a clear expression of viticultural origin and varietal flavor.
The winery released its first bottled wine in April of 2003. Our wines are available at selected restaurants, markets, and wine shops located on California’s Central Coast, and in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Colorado, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maine, Illinois, North Carolina and South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

The Paso Robles Wine Region
Tarrica Wine Cellars farms and sources grapes primarily in the Paso Robles viticultural area, which is ideally situated for growing premium varietal wine grapes. Nestled slightly inland, the warm, clear days are insulated from clouds, fog, and severe winds so sufficient heat reaches the grapes. Following sunset, a marine layer moves over the region and cools temperatures approximately 50 degrees, providing conditions conducive to maintaining outstanding acid structure and overall balance.
Most consider this fluctuation to be a key component to the varietal character displayed in the resulting wines.



group bottle photo of tarica zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon and erlort

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